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Speed Solutions



Name:    Dean Adams

Sport:    Athletics

Years Active:    2005 - 2022

Event(s):    60m / 100m

Sporting Achievements:

Two-time Irish Senior 60m Champion (2011 & 2020)

Two-time Scottish Senior 60m Champion (2012 & 2020)

Three-time Northern Ireland Senior 100m Champion (2011, 2019 & 2020)

Northern Ireland Senior 4x100m Record (2017-Present)

Irish International - European Indoor Championships (2021)


Northern Ireland


Personal Bests:

60m - 6.73

100m - 10.73

Dean Adams - Winner of IUAA 60m Gold in a time of 6.73s to go =4th on the Irish All-Time List

Northern Ireland Record:

4x100m Relay

Dean Adams - Coaching (Prowler).jpg


BSc. Sport & Exercise Sciences

MSc. Sport & Exercise Nutrition


British Athletics: Event Group Sprints Coach




Speed Solutions started in the summer of 2018 after several conversations with team sport players about the sprinting background I had and their desire to be faster athletes on the pitch / court. Subsequently, with my decade of experience coaching speed (British Athletics: Event Group Sprints Coach) along with the knowledge of what had helped me become a better sprinter, I delivered a number of one on one sessions, starting with Joel Cooper (Linfield F.C.) over a period of 6 weeks and began to collect videos highlighting some of his improvements.


Following this, I decided to invest in a timing system and set-up a Facebook page where players / teams could reach out and take the first step to finding a solution to their speed limitations.

Since then, I've had the opportunity to work with numerous team sport athletes including football, basketball, GAA, rugby, hockey, cricket and netball players, as well as football / rugby officials - all with the common goal of becoming faster and more athletic in order to deliver when it matters.  





Speed Solutions aims firstly to educate athletes (and their coaches) in the importance of speed to their gameplay, and how it can often be the difference between winning or losing. The majority of team sport players simply don't get enough practice mastering acceleration or to allow them to possess competent sprinting qualities. If a player's goal, relevant to a sporting scenario is to get from point 'A' to point 'B' in the least amount of time possible - it is worth imitating athletes where this is their sole aim i.e., sprinters. To possess game-changing speed, we need to include high intensity sprinting within our weekly training. To ensure intensity is high enough, recovery between sprints is essential. Once this is understood, we can then start to:

Become better movers 

Enhance key movement patterns & reduce injuries 

Develop linear / lateral acceleration mechanics 

Implement cues & exercises to help achieve key positions and aid force application to travel forwards

as fast as possible 

Add in the brakes / effective deceleration mechanics 

(Team sport athletes require speed but also must be able to stop dead in order to change direction at various points in a game) 

It's true that there are many other performance factors which team sport players must develop to be ready to compete during gameplay, however -  the outcome of this training will produce robust athletes, able to cope with the demands of their respective sports. Players will be set up so they have all the tools to improve their speed in the limited time they have available in their training schedule, on top of being more confident in their ability and equipped to Get There First! 




Name:    CJ Fulton

Sport:     Basketball

Team:     College of Charleston / Ireland


Name:    Joel Cooper

Sport:     Football

Team:     Linfield F.C.



Name:    Erin Maguire

Sport:     Basketball

Team:     Houston Baptist University / Ireland U20


CJ Fulton Lafayette.jpg
Erin Maguire.jpg
Joel Cooper 3.jfif

FIBA U20 European Championships 2022

2x NI Football League Winner

Irish Premier League Player of the Year 2020 

2x Irish Basketball Superleague Young

Player of the Year 


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