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Speed Workshop 


Speed Development &
Sprint Mechanics Workshop

Specific to Your Sport
Coach Education - For Club Coaches (Youth to Senior Level)
Held At Your Club Venue
SDW - Theory.jpg

Underpinning Theory - 1.5 hrs 

Acceleration | Top Speed

  • Technical Models & Coaching Cues

Improving Your Coach's Eye

  • Knowing what to look for with your players, being able to spot poor sprinting technique & know what to do to begin to resolve

Sprint Drills & Progressions

  • For both Youth & Senior Players

Current Problems Developing Speed

  • & Misconceptions Regarding Speed Among Team Sports

RAMP Warm-Up

  • How to Structure

  • To Ensure Players are Ready For High Intensity Training

  • To Help Minimise Injuries

How to Effectively Train Speed

  • Speed Session Examples

  • How to Embed Speed Consistently within Your Club's Weekly Training

SDW - Practical.JPG

Practical Session - 1.5 hrs 

RAMP Warm-Up

  • Practical Delivery & Coaching Points

Top Speed / Max Velocity Drills

  • How to Embed within Warm-Up

  • Practice Key Positions

Sprint Testing For Players

  • Using Timing Equipment

  • Results Provided

Acceleration Focus

  • Progressions to Develop Acceleration Mechanics & Overall Ability to Project Forwards

Speed Session Demo

  • Players (or Coaches) taken through Speed Session

  • Demo of how to Structure, Coach & ensure Productive Recovery Periods

  • Shown how Speed can be incorporated Consistently within your Training

Featuring Players (or Coaches)

  • Option for up to 12 of Your Players to take part in the Practical Element of the Workshop

Speed Workshop
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